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  • What is the story behind the SideGlider?
    15 years ago, one of the partners of Innovative Assistive Devices (IAD) was left with impaired mobility, balance and coordination after brain tumor surgery. She felt very frustrated as a cane couldn’t help her with balance problems, and a walker seemed big and unwieldy. The medical assistive devices commonly used seemed clunky and undesirable. So she partnered with her husband and her father to form IAD and designed, patented, and built the SideGlider.
  • Where can I purchase a SideGlider?
    Currently, the SideGlider is in pre-manufacturing stages, and is not available to purchase. Several prototypes have been produced and are being tested and demonstrated in the United States. We anticipate the SideGlider will be available for purchase in 2022.
  • When will the SideGlider be available?
    We anticipate the SideGlider will be available to purchase in 2022. Please fill out the survey to provide contact info for updates.
  • How can I learn more about the SideGlider?
    Take a look around this website, and if you would like more information, shoot us an email at
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