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Stable and

The SideGlider provides more stability than a cane but is less cumbersome to use than a walker. It glides smoothly across most indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Easy to Expand &
Easy to Stow

Legs can be oriented for left or right-handed use. The handle height can be adjusted for a wide range of users.

To stow, the handle collapses into the body and the legs rotate, creating a nearly flat, compact shape.

Quiet Glide Wheeled Design

4-wheeled design allows for the SideGlider to glide along quietly, without having to be picked up and placed again and again, reducing risk for loss of balance and giving a positive feel to the user.

Sleek, Unobtrusive Design

Modern, sleek design ensures your mobility device will fit in a variety of settings--at the office, at home, while traveling, etc.


Left or right side use means the SideGlider won't get between you and your friends and family members, and its small size makes it easy to maneuver in tight spots.

Video Explain Features

Compact and Portable Mobility

The SideGlider folds to a compact, flat shape that stows perfectly in overhead airplane compartments, beside the seat of a car, next to a movie theatre seat, under a church pew, beneath an office desk.  Get the compact mobility support you need in a product that is designed with your lifestyle in mind.


Feature Comparison

Can be used on side of body
Doesn't have to be lifted and placed when walking
Wheels with braking system
Broad, stable footprint
Can fit through narrow spaces
One-handed operation

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